The 10 Most Expensive Generic Versions Of Popular Drugs In The United States

People often choose generic drugs because they are cheaper than brand-name drugs. But prices for generics have gone up a lot in the last couple of years, and some of the most expensive ones now cost more than $500 for a month’s supply. People pay more each year for them, even though they are covered by insurance because the deductibles are high and the formulas change.

We’ve written about the most costly prescription drugs in the U.S., whose monthly costs can reach over $80,000. But these medicines are usually used to treat very rare conditions. For example, Actimmune is used to treat chronic granulomatous disease, which affects only a small number of the public in the U.S., and Myalept is used to treat generalized lipodystrophy, which affects only 1 in 10 million people around the world.

So, what are some of the most expensive drugs that people take?

Based on a sample of U.S. prescription fills, GoodRx looked at the cash prices for the top 100 generic drugs to determine the answer. Here are the ten most expensive things. Prices are founded on the cash price at the pharmacy, which is known as the usual and customary price.


At the top of the list is tadalafil, which costs an average of $518 for 30 days. Tadalafil is the generic of both Cialis and Adcirca, brand-name drugs. Cialis is mostly used to treat impotence, while Adcirca treats high blood pressure.

The most popular drug on our list is the generic version of Cialis, but the generic form of Adcirca is also very expensive. There are ways to save, which is good news. You can save 96% on the cash price of tadalafil with a GoodRx coupon, which means you can purchase it for as little as $12 per month. There may also be other drugs within the same class as tadalafil that cost less.


The second drug on the list is zolpidem, a generic version of Intermezzo and Ambien. Both brands are utilized to treat insomnia, but they come in two different forms: a tablet and a tablet that you put under your tongue. The average cost of zolpidem in cash each month is $296. Most Medicare and private insurance plans cover zolpidem, but if you don’t have coverage, you can use a GoodRx coupon to save up to 76% off the cash price.

Diclofenac sodium

Diclofenac sodium is the next most expensive generic drug that many people take. This medicine is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to treat eye inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, among other conditions. Diclofenac sodium comes in a few different forms, each used to treat a different disease. The average cash price for a clear bottle of diclofenac sodium is $277 a month.

You can save money on diclofenac sodium in several ways. If you are using this treatment for gout, you can obtain assistance from the HealthWell Foundation, but there are some rules. With a GoodRx coupon, you can expect to be paid as little as $28 for diclofenac sodium.


Estradiol is the fourth thing on the list. It is a form of estrogen used to treat things like osteoporosis, menopause, and atrophic vaginitis. Estradiol comes in many forms, but the monthly average cash price for a tube of estradiol cream is $252. Most insurance plans and Medicare cover estradiol, but people who don’t have coverage can still save money. With a GoodRx coupon, the price of estradiol cream can go up to $34.


Sildenafil is in the middle of the list, with an average price of $248 for 30 days. This medicine is the generic version of both Revatio and Viagra, two different drugs already on the market. One of the brands similar to tadalafil is Revatio, which is used to treat high blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries. Another brand, Viagra, is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. People with low incomes or who don’t have insurance can get sildenafil for free through several patient assistance programs.


Celecoxib is a well-known drug for treating pain and conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Celecoxib, the same as the brand name Celebrex, costs an average of $210 per month. This drug is usually covered by insurance, but you can get it from GoodRx for as little as $10. The HealthWell Foundation for your condition may also pay for Celecoxib.


Valacyclovir is an antiviral drug used to prevent or treat infections like shingles or herpes. It is the same as the brand-name medicine Valtrex. The cash price of valacyclovir for 30 days is $192. The great news is that there are constantly ways to save money, like using GoodRx or finding a cheaper drug in the same drug class. With a GoodRx coupon, the price of valacyclovir can go as low as $17.

Amphetamine salt combo X.R.

Amphetamine salt combo X.R., or generic Adderall X.R., is the next drug on the list. This medicine treats attention disorder (ADHD), costing an average of about $190 per month. Medicare and most insurance plans will cover stimulant salt combo X.R., but you may save money with a GoodRx coupon and pay as little as $22. Because this drug is banned, it is up to the pharmacist to decide whether or not to accept a coupon.


A 30-day supply of capsules costs $188, which is the average cost of paroxetine each month. Depending on what kind of paroxetine you get, the price can vary. Brisdelle is the brand name for the generic drug paroxetine. It is used to help treat the adverse effects of menopause. Most insurances cover paroxetine, so you probably won’t have to pay for it yourself. But if you are, you can save money. With a GoodRx coupon, you might only have to pay $48 for a month’s worth of paroxetine.


Last but not least is levetiracetam, a seizure medicine called an anti-epileptic. It is the same drug as Keppra and Roweepra, which are brand names. This generic drug costs an average of $186 per month. Most of the time, insurance will cover it. If not, users can use a coupon from GoodRx to get a levetiracetam oral solution for as little as $10.